Completing my first 500 Piece Puzzle

There’s a thing at school called Lucky Book Club. It’s where you look through the catalogue and choose some books or puzzles that you would like to buy. You also have to negotiate with your parents on what you buy! I already have the Periodic Table poster in my room and Mum thought it would be good if I had a Periodic Table jigsaw puzzle as well.

I started to solve the puzzle yesterday in the morning. I finished it at around about 8.30pm. I didn’t spend my whole day doing it because I had to go to other stuff!

The completed puzzle – Click on it to make it bigger

My School Project

This is my school project I’ve done over the past few days. We had a challenge to create a famous building my class would recognise for homework. I decided to do the clocktower because it’s in New Plymouth.

I have done other builds using Minecraft. e.g, The Sky Tower and the Len Lye Centre. Fun Fact: Minecraft has sold 176 million copies world wide!

Hiding My First Geocache

Hi, this is James here. Today I’ll be talking about our first Geocache I hid. By the way if you want to learn about Geocaching there is a video below and if you want to hide one there is another video below.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity, in which people use a GPS or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” They are hidden at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world! My one is located at S 39º 3.375′, E 174º 4.132′

Here is a link to some cache types .

My cache is located at the playground near the Wind Wand. It is a cache that requires a lot of strength because you need to lift a huge rock out the stone wall to get to it.

What is Geocaching?

How to hide a Geocache!

Basketball Training December 2018

This video is me at basketball training. I’m in a club called Elite Pathways basketball. My favourite NBA player is Stephen Curry and I wear his shoes he used in 2016. I started when I was a year 3. My coach is called Josh.

My dream is to get a scholarship to Duke University in North America and play in the NBA. To get there I would need good school grades, work on basketball and balance it with my homework.

Me at Training

Josh put a photo of us on Instagram for when my shooting scores were better than 90% of athletes tested 🙂