Nitro Circus Live, 2017, in New Plymouth

Yesterday Dad and I were very excited because the Nitro Circus was on! When we went in there was a man who checked our tickets and we were good to go. On the first day it was raining and we sat down for a long time and then they said it was cancelled but on the next day it was sunny the whole time.

First the people on the motorbikes did tricks up a ramp. Next some BMX people did very crazy tricks on BMX bikes, scooters and roller skates. Some people tried to go down on some furniture. One person went down on a couch, caldron and a super market trolley.

When we were watching the Nitro Circuses tricks Dad and I watched the mistakes and people hurting themselves. Once a little girl went on a motorbike and braked her leg and she nearly fell 2.5m but lucky the other rider caught her.

Before the end of the Nitro Circus, the doughnut lady came down our entrance and Dad got ten doughnuts and Dad had five and I had five. Before the right food store was closed we got a hot dog and Dad got chicken tenders and chips and then the Nitro Circus ended.

The End