Huka Prawn Park

On the 17 of January 2017 I went to the Huka Prawn Park.  Dad, Mum, Daniel and I went fishing for prawns.  Dad caught one prawn and I caught one prawn.  Dad caught a small prawn and I caught a very huge prawn. When I caught the the prawn it was nearly going to pinch me with it’s long blue pincers.  Before we caught the prawn I saw a sign with the biggest prawn caught.  It had a person called Jackson C, from Wellington, who had caught a 35 centimetre  prawn.  But I caught a whopper 37 centimetre prawn.  On the 18th of January I got a special treat.  I got to go to the prawn park to get a photo with my name on the board.  I have caught the biggest prawn this summer!